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due to any pathological changes in the central nervous system were relatively infrequent.
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The State Medical Society’s Presidential Citation
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conduct a case of normal labour, and are seldom in the labour wards
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, lowering of arterial blood-pressure in, R.S.M. Disc. (Shock) 5
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, — Three days old culture of nocardial grain on Sabouraud's medium
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after injury during the mastoid operation, all of which were of this
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6. Weed, L. A.: Technics for the isolation of fungi
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in Smith's case, any doubt regarding the explanation of the observation
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not be forgotten. A justifiable plea is made for the
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The slides which I wish to show first may render my subsequent
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enccphalo-myelitis occurring in Australia to monkeys, sheep, a calf and a foal.
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boy and girl in Wisconsin. The displays are unique in presenting
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been left in situ and the sac marsupialized and packed with gauze, or
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State Society by fulfilling all requirements of mem-
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remodelling in the light of modern psychopathological knowledge.
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cropped, damp-stained at the end, otherwise well preserved, fol. sec. Le xxv me .
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The pigmentation in my case was much greater than in this, and the edges
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forward, as was first suggested by Mr. J. F. Colyer. The results were
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the ears to bend outward and downward. The frontal and occipital
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defined geographic areas, Surgical Care limiting its
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while Seneca's is grey and Aristotle's reddish. Seneca's gown is blue, Aristotle's is cerise over a
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recommenced, and at about 4 p.m. a doctor was sent for on account ot
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, one cause of maternal mortality in childbirth, Obst. 83
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city health officer, was honored May 25 for ten years of service
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It is the larger teaching hospitals that would prohably be able with the

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