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is the exciting agent. It is well worth considering. Very slight swell-

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hearing before operation was good and in 2 moderate. The antrum

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troops — pathologic findings, Arch. Neurol. &

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though similar conversions, wherein there is no reason to think of a

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account of the intensity of her feeling, although, as she said, she

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quires), gilt and coloured (red and blue) initials, many left unfinished, clean and well

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the sac is impossible, marsupialization of the sac, with removal of the

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sweating of the head during sleep ; large protuberant abdomen ;

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the advantage of a hole in the membrane. I have had cases in which the

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The Statics op the Female Pelvic Viscera. By R. H. Paramore, . M.D.Lond.,

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sinus passed into the left frontal sinus. X-ray photographs are shown and it

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which Captain McCardie has maintained successful anaesthesia under

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acting staff, and the abdominal surgery was carried on chiefly by

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Waldron, C. W., and Risdon, E. F.— Mandibular bone-grafts, Surg. 11

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For Joseph Smith (1682-1770), whose library was sold in 1773, and whose collection of

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Begins (2, 1 [fol. j.] r°. col. a, lines 1-6, near the bottom of a pictured page, for which see

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clozapine clozaril side effects

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ate course, “Psychiatry for the Internist,” Wayne

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Tuesday - , May - 10, 9:30 am, renal disease program,

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which tend to interfere with or impair the free and complete exercise of his medical judg-

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abscess. We have learnt to recognize that (with rare exceptions, and

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[historiated initial representing the Crucifixion — S. John to the right of the Cross, the B.V.M.

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Other marks on this page are: 295. a. 53. ito. J G. 22.

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and pack and drain the pelvis. The mortality in these cases is so high that in

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Position, perception of, in three dimensions, Ophth. 63

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amoretti. Three other birds and a hare are also carefully painted. Many interstices of the white

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scroll bears the first lines of the following Preface : " De natura . . . necessaries c." The

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only the written history, diagnosis, treatment, prog-

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through three or four generations, but there is no necessary connexion between

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Skemp Clinic and St. Francis Hospital in La Crosse,

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vestibulotomy performed. Both recovered. These two cases are dealt

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