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Bradford, Sir J. Rose, and Lawrence, T. W. P., post-mortem findings in cases of puerpera
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Of gunshot wounds of the orbit, I have seen a great many in the
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without loss of consciousness, in three cases. These were apt to be
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has reared, and that these and other matters are of moment in deciding
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special section on the hospital, including an article
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renal tubules ; thus the tubules become overdistended and dilate.
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May 3: Scientific session, American Cancer Society,
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or treated by resection and who arrive in this cgimtry a few w^eeks later
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is a bona-fide resident of the same county shall be
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and those who affirm the inheritance of acquired characters. For while
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was born May 23, 17 18, at Long Calderwood, Lanarkshire, and died in London
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of the National Safety Council, its local chapters,
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The total blindness, coming on almost immediately after the
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the basis of individual interest or specialized knowl-
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commissions, divisions, and committees of the State Medical Society to be of direct personal assist-
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together, their protoplasm has become finely granular, and their nuclei have
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involuntary muscle forming a broad interrupted zone around their
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such contracts shall be retained and that responsi-
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on suppurating dermoid cyst removed from forehead in child, Laryng. 193
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The President, Sir John Bland-Sutton, F.R.C.S., delivered a
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the circular muscle fibres ; and sometimes, also, lengthwise, in
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Temperature, minute fractions of, measurement by thermo-couple and resistance thermo-
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fessions, except the State Bar, have taken action to
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already described, and are then stained for five minutes in dilute
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, influenza epidemic in (1918), R.S.M. Disc. (Infl.) 61-67
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World Medical Association, and a charter membership in the American Academy
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Ryley, C. Meadows and Iredell, C. E. — Diathermy in diseases of the eye, Electr. 31

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