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of rendering the great service to the nation that the efficient care of

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, condition on operated:and non-operated sides compared, in cases of radical mastoid

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property investment for the future, and in light of

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indulgende misericorditer in Domino Conceduntur. | Ad calcem ejusdem pagine spectatur Feretrum

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to the causes ultimately responsible, which have been elucidated by

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northern Wisconsin, modern open hospital. $1,000 per

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which is not balanced by a sufficient understanding

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additional financial assistance from the State Board

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first thirty-six hours a good deal of bright red, rather watery, fluid

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displacing the uterus to the left, and had the right Fallopian tube

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clusion that he now has, that the condition he called X-disease and chronic intestinal stasis

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or in the ear (if drum is perforated). A few individuals

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F. G. Johnson, M.D., 3600 Tower Avenue, Superior (1967)

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green Tables : Elias in black and white monkish dress).

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than simple communication must enter. This other factor is evidently

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committee. Subsequent reports of this committee’s

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sion on “Population Control — Theoretical and Prac-

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The proper person to consent to surgery or other treatment of a minor is either parent, or if

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malignant condition often takes place in women about the time of the menopause : early

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, superior, septic infection of, case-history, with fatal issue, Otol. 65

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which had entered the eye at the time of the accident, and was only

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stayed six weeks, without a lot of fanfare except to

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not. But above all, the doctors involved were in the status

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