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distressing of the disorders that alfiict mankind, the nervous and mental
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omy, however, a more rigid use of the terms accepted
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scopically, of cholesterin ; and negative evidence obtained as regards tubercle.
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Via ob nominum controuersiam litigium ori | tur contremiscit mens medici ab eorundem |
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solution, injection into axillae, to obviate shock following operations for acute intestinal
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record for at least 3 years or until the patient has
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The psychological mechanism of projection is common enough in
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with epithelium, some attention is necessary if things are to remain
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3 per cent. ; secondary abdominal, 37 per cent. ; secondary broad
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have no intimate relation with capillaries, they present no special
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careful supervision of a physician. Bacterial resistance may develop.
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was found, the upper pole reaching about 2 in. above the umbilicus.
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Fol. 36 v°. is similarly floreated ; the picture (6f x 6|) representing Christ's genealogy from
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But in obstetrics a vicious circle obtains. The want of under-
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Bodily pressure, influence on capacity of heart to fill with blood during diastole, R.S.M. Disc.
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Blomfield, J. — Discussion on present position of spinal antesthesia, Auivsth. l-l
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Closed tympanitic abscess, due to gas-forming bacteria, without
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from its use shows that, in careful hands, the patient may be given the undoubted advantages
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sometimes develop after a bone wound has apparently well healed over for
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is not undertaken as a routine practice, but such appendices do as a
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is the mother's milk and which every baby needs. If the conditions
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blurred vision, diplopia, headache, incontinence, slurred speech,
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and surrounding tissues was obtained by the plaster and black gutta-
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its middle by a fine amputating saw, and the body of a full-grown foetus
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(1) For the purpose of a pension award is one justified in stating
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“Find your future in the health field,” urges a
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As things go in the future of this State it is evident
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, of England and Wales, exceeded by civilian death-rate (1918), Obst. 53
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every reason for confidence that the enemies of mankind’s health will be overcome one
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son on July 14 with the dedication of a new artificial
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ing the form of authorization to inspect and copy a
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condition, the weight, and on the lungs. Invariably it produces changes
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Assistant Professor of Medicine, Department of Nutrition,
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the best interests of the profession, such societies
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, on recurring spheno-choanal polypus in child, Laryng. 107
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